Vibe - Smart Bike Lights

Effortless safety in a smart, convenient bike light.


The Vibe’s daylight “SafePulse” was developed based on safety studies by the Florida Highway Patrol. Vibe’s light pattern maximizes visibility while improving depth perception for avoidance.

With high output sidelights and daytime “SafePulse” mode, Vibe provides excellent visibility day and night.


Vibe knows when you go, automatically turning on when you ride, and shutting off when removed or parked. Vibe’s auto sense adjusts light patterns based on ambient light.


Vibe’s smart sensor activates when inserted in the mount, but only turns on when in motion (stays on at stops).

Installing is effortless and secure. The low profile Vibe slips easily into your pocket and direct charges in any USB port.

Vibe Mounting Options

Daytime running lights reduce accidents by 33%

Studies show that daytime running lights significantly improve traffic safety for cyclists. Vibe’s pulsing beam, interspersed with short flashes – alerts drivers to your presence, while the pulses allow the driver to accurately locate and avoid you.

72% of bike accidents occur at intersections

Most accidents are cars turning into or approaching from the cyclist’s side.¬†Vibe’s high output sidelights make you more visible to cars where it matters most.
Vibe is smart, created for on-the-go urban cyclists that care about safety and convenience.
Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
Auto-on when you ride
Auto-off when removed or parked


“SafePulse” daylight / steady at night (headlight only)


Secure 1/4″ turn lock to install / remove

Backed by Light & Motion’s 2-year warranty and Enhanced Experience Guarantee
Slips easily into your pocket
Direct USB charging without cables
Waterproof bio-renewable material


Innovative amber side lighting for increased visibility at intersections


Made in California, USA

Get Your Vibe

Vibe Pro Headlight

Lumens (SafePulse): 250

Lumens (High): 200

Runtime (Day): 6 Hours

Runtime (Night): 2 Hours

Vibe Pro Tail Light

Lumens (SafePulse): 100

Runtime (SafePulse): 6 Hours



Vibe Tail Light

Lumens (SafePulse): 50

Runtime (SafePulse): 12 Hours