Vya Smart Bike Lights

Effortless safety in a smart, powerful light.

Commuters demand powerful output to maximize visibility not only at night, but in the daytime hours where strong lighting cuts through ambient light. Motorists can easily distinguish a cyclist over 2km away (Pro) with Vya’s piercing beam and customized optics.  This is the first cycling light to combine high power with an ultra-compact design.

Vya incorporates Smart Sensors into the platform so there are no on/off buttons. Riders simply lock Vya into the mount with an easy quarter-turn and go. The motion sensor turns the light on automatically when the bike is in motion and shuts it off when stopped, with a delay built in for stoplights.  Vya ensures you never forget to turn on your light before the ride or off when parked.
Vya features SafePulse—a scientifically developed beam pattern that dramatically improves driver awareness and ability to safely pass cyclists. Studies show that flashing lights destroy a driver’s depth perception, making it hard for them to accurately locate a rider. SafePulse improves the overtaking driver’s ability to judge distance and relative motion to safely pass.
Vya Mounting Options
Daytime running lights reduce accidents by 33%
Running lights during the day significantly improve visibility of a cyclist and helps minimize bike/vehicle related collisions. Vya’s daylight visible power and exclusive SafePulse beam provides a light you can trust every single ride to be more visible to motorists.
Vya is smart, revolutionizing cycling lights with powerful output and commuter convenience.
Certified Lumen Output
Auto-on when you start riding
Auto-off when removed or parked
Ambient Light Sensors (Pro HL)
Secure 1/4″ turn lock easy to install/remove
Backed by Light & Motion’s 2-year warranty and Enhanced Experience Guarantee
Slips easily into your pocket
Direct USB charging without cables
Waterproof bio-renewable material
Amber side lighting increases visibility 
Built in Marina, California
The Revolutionary Vya Family
Vya Pro Headlight

Lumens (SafePulse): 250

Runtime: 2-6 Hours

Vya Pro Tail Light

Lumens (SafePulse): 100

Runtime: 6 Hours

Vya Pro Combo

Vya Pro HL + Vya Pro TL

Save $10

Vya Headlight

Lumens (SafePulse): 150

Runtime: 10 Hours

Vya Tail Light

Lumens (SafePulse): 50

Runtime: 8 Hours

Vya Combo

Vya HL + Vya TL

Save $10